Root Booster (1.25kg)

Root Booster (1.25kg)Root Booster (1.25kg)
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Pre-Turfing/Sowing Fertiliser

Pre-turfing fertiliser should be applied to the prepared soil and lightly raked in when laying new turf or sowing grass seed. When applying by hand wear gloves and walk backwards across the lawn as you throw the fertiliser as evenly as possible using a sweeping action.

Why use Root booster?

  • 90% of the weight of a grass plant is within the root system. When the turf is harvested the majority of the root system is severed. It is important to re-establish a healthy root system as quickly as possible as it is the roots that absorb the nutrients and water which keep the grass green and healthy.
  • Establishes newly laid turf fast.
  • Encourages healthy root development.
  • Resistance to drought
  • Better disease tolerance
  • Suitable for pre-turfing and seeding
  • Can also be used in tubs, planters & hanging baskets.

Product Specification

  • Coverage: 70sqm