About Us

At Stewarts Turf we have strong roots in the landscaping trade and we’re immensely proud of our Scottish Heritage.

Stewarts Turf began growing top quality cultivated turf in the Edinburgh area over 25 years ago. We became part of Harrowden Turf Ltd back in 2013 but that hasn’t affected our way of thinking. Although we no longer grow turf in Scotland we will always be Scottish to the core!

From our depot in Edinburgh, we supply turf and landscaping products to gardeners and landscape professionals throughout most of Scotland. From Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and way up to Aberdeen our lorries deliver turf, wildflower turf, sedum matting and topsoil to a wide range of projects.

Size is no obstacle, we can supply large volumes of turf for extensive projects or we can supply smaller quantities for gardens. Sales associate Eleanor Kennaway has been with Stewartsturf for 15 years explains, “Delivering a living product to the more remote geographical areas of Scotland can be a challenge but customer satisfaction is at the core of the business ideals of supplying the right product to the right place at the right time.”

Depot supervisor David Murphy has worked for Stewart'sTurf for over 10 years and has a great rapport with his trade and domestic customers. “By listening to buyers’ needs and wants I can ensure that we are offering the right quality of turf and the right range of products at the best possible prices for this area,” says Dave. “Companies within the Harrowden Turf group can use each other as a knowledge bank. We’re constantly learning from each other’s experiences and innovations. That’s how Stewarts Turf stays up to date without losing our traditional Scottish identity.