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How to Love Your Lawn This Summer

Summer Lawn Care

It’s true that in Scotland it’s possible to experience all four seasons worth of weather in one day.  That makes gardening and lawn-care interesting to say the least.  But anything is possible.  So here are some tips on keeping your lawn looking good this summer.

Summer lawn mowing tips

Five things to remember about summer mowing

  • Mow regularly – little and often is best.
  • Keep the mower blades sharp.
  • Remove all of the clippings – unless it’s very dry, in which case let ‘em fly.
  • If you go on holiday, don’t try to scalp the lawn when you get back.  Reduce the length of the grass gradually.
  • Raise the mower blades just a little.  In hot dry weather, longer grass fares better than a closely mown sward.

Feeding your lawn in summer

If you are mowing your lawn regularly you should be feeding it too.  Feeding replaces all the nutrients that mowing takes away.

Use a spring-summer lawn feed and apply it exactly as the manufacturer recommends.  No overdosing and no scrimping.

Stewarts Turf recommends Lushlawn.  A granular feed that comes in a handy re-sealable bucket so if there’s any left-over you can save it ‘til next time. 

More about Lushlawn lawn feed

Moving Furniture and Toys

Paddling pools, picnic blankets, tents and garden furniture steal light away from the grass plants and leave nasty yellow marks on the lawn.   Don’t leave them in one place for too long.  Move them around every couple of days to keep the lawn a nice even green colour.

Weed control

Now is a good time to tackle those dandelions that have crept into the lawn.   I’m not a fan of chemical weedkillers so I prefer to dig them out.  If you prefer herbicides, please avoid the weed and feed type preparations that spread weedkillers around willy-nilly.  Instead, spot-treat the weeds with something like glyphosate (Roundup).  That way you have full control over where the chemicals are used.

Watering your lawn

Drought is rarely a problem in Scotland but nevertheless, if we do get a dry summer it’s tempting keep your lawn nice and green by watering it.   Please try to avoid doing so.  If your lawn is well established it will cope OK with drought.  It may turn a little bit brown for a little while but it will soon green up when the rain comes.

If you have a newly turfed lawn, do not, on any account hold back on the watering.  Until the turf has rooted in, it must not be allowed to dry out.

Elsewhere in the garden

Mulch around fruit, vegetable and flower plants to help them cope with whatever the summer throws at them  Read more here

And if you’re planning a party – read this


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