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April Lawn Care Tips

The soil is warming up and lawns are beginning to grow. Here are our top 5 April lawn care tips to keep your lawn looking great all summer long.

  1. Trim those edges
  2. Aerate
  3. Feed the lawn
  4. Mowing tips
  5. Repair bare patches

Trim the edges of your lawn

No matter whether your lawn is square, circular or curvy, clean sharp edges will really make a big difference to your garden. Your lawn has lots of functions in the garden including showing off the hard landscaping and the planting. If the lawn looks raggedy so does the rest of your garden.

trimming the edge of a lawn beside a blockweave path using a half moon edger

Use a half-moon edger to reshape the lawn or some long handled shears to keep the grass tidy. Remember to trim edges regularly during the growing season too.

Aerate your lawn

One of the major things your lawn does for you is to absorb rainwater and let it the excess trickle down through the soil. That natural drainage is great for the trees and plants in your garden, it’s great for you and it’s great for the environment.

Aerating your lawn is easy to do and it will improve drainage enormously.  It also encourages stronger and deeper root growth which will help your lawn stay greener for longer during a hot summer.

All you need to do to aerate your lawn is to use a garden fork or an aerating tool to pierce holes in the top 10cm or so of the soil. I prefer to use a hollow tine aerator because it actually removes small cores without compacting the soil around them.

manual hollow tine aerator being used on a lawn

For a small lawn, an aerator like this one is cost effective. Buy one of these online for less than £40

Feed the lawn

If you do nothing else this spring in the way of lawn care, you MUST keep the grass plants well nourished. Well-fed lawns are a beautiful colour, recover quickly from wear and tear and from drought and they are less susceptible to common lawn diseases.

Apply a good spring-summer lawn feed as soon as possible and repeat every 6-8 weeks between now and August. For the September feed you will need to swap to an autumn-winter lawn fertiliser.

Mowing tips for April

Believe it or not, mowing really influences the health of your lawn. The very worst thing you can do is let your lawn get shaggy and then scalp it. You will weaken the plants and risk having bald patches developing.

For the first cut of the year, keep the mower blades high. You can gradually reduce the height of the cut each time you mow. 

During April, expect to mow the lawn every 7-10 days depending on the weather.  As the month goes on, you may need to increase the frequency. During May and June you will probably be mowing every 3-4 days.

Personally I prefer to remove the clippings but if the lawn is dry, it’s OK to let them fly.

Repairing bare patches on your lawn

April is the perfect time of year to sow grass seed.

If you do have bare patches on your lawn, first of all aerate the soil thoroughly, brush in some enriched lawn soil and scuff up the surface with a rake.

Sow grass seed at a rate of 2-3g per square metre. Lightly cover the seed with more enriched soil (a garden sieve is a handy tool for this job).

Keep the seed moist until the new green grass spikes are growing strongly.  When they are around 7cm tall, you can start mowing them – but gently. Don’t go scalping them until the plants are really strong.

Ordering April Lawn Care Materials

Grass seed, lawn feed and enriched soil are available to order online from Stewarts Turf of Edinburgh.  Use the links below for more details.


Buy enriched lawn soil (aka topdressing) online  

Order spring summer lawn feed online 

Premium grade grass seed for family lawns 


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