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Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn lawn care

Autumn is an ideal time of year to pay attention to your lawn. Damage during the summer may have left it looking lacklustre, but it needs to be strong enough to cope with the onslaught of winters in Scotland. This means you've now got a perfect window of opportunity to fix your lawn, and get it in good shape for the harsh months ahead. Here are some top lawn care tasks to complete this autumn.

autumn leaves on lawn

Scarify the lawn

Scarifying is the process of removing thatch in the lawn by raking it over. Thatch is an accumulation of old grass, moss and other debris, which can prevent water and feed reaching the grass roots if it isn't removed.

Sweep up leaves

As autumn gets underway, leaves rapidly fall off the trees and may start to accumulate on your lawn. Get into the habit of regularly sweeping the leaves away and placing them in plastic bags to create leaf mould. Leaves left on the grass can cause damage to the lawn, and may even spread disease.


If your turf is looking patchy, thin or worn, autumn is a good time to add some much-needed density to the surface. Sowing grass seeds can help to make your lawn look lush again, so that it retains its good looks over the winter months.

Autumn feed


lawn feed

Continue to feed your lawn over autumn, so that it is strong and healthy enough to withstand winter weather in Scotland. For the best results, use a high quality lawn feed that is specially formulated for use at this time of year, such as Stewarts Turf Evolution Autumn/Winter Fertiliser. An autumn lawn feed is high in potash and phosphates, which can help to protect the lawn from frost damage over the winter months.

Top dressing

By autumn, soil can be low in nutrients and look in poor condition. By adding a top dressing, such as Stewarts Turf Top Dressing, you can improve the condition of the soil and promote strong root growth. Make sure to properly rake the top dressing into your turf for best results.


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