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Where to buy garden soil in Scotland

Where to buy garden soil in Scotland

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You can’t create a garden without some good quality garden soil.  Some gardens in Scotland are blessed with free-draining, friable and nutrient rich soil.  Others are not so fortunate.


What sort of garden soil is best?

If you want to produce your own food, nurture a lovely lawn or grow beautiful shrubs and flowers, you need the right soil to work with.

Some plants such as heathers, rhododendrons, camellias or blueberries need acid (ericaceous) soil if they’re to thrive and in some parts of Scotland you’re very lucky to have that on tap. 

However, for general gardening, a nice workable soil that is neither acidic nor alkaline is ideal. 

What to look for when buying soil

Avoid contaminated soil at all costs.  That means buying from a reputable source and finding out where the soil has come from.  If it’s from the spoil heap on a building site beware – it might be cheap but it could also be nasty.

Screened topsoil means that you will be buying soil and not stones.  A 20mm screened topsoil has been put through a giant sieve where the holes are about ¾ inch diameter so you won’t find rocks or rubble in it.

Try to find soil from a sustainable source.  Green waste is great as a soil improver but for actually planting into it needs to be blended with a mineral topsoil to give it a bit of body.

Bulk bags are incredibly convenient.  You don’t end up with a big heap of dirt on your drive and you’re not fiddling about with little bags.  The one thing I don’t like about small bags of soil is all that plastic packaging.  Yuk

Ordering soil online

I find whenever I need to buy soil for topping up my raised beds, it’s easiest to order online and have someone else deliver it to my door.

I’ve ordered from Turfonline before now and been pleased with the results.   Stewarts Turf is the Scottish division of Harrowden Turf and therefore sister-site to Turfonline.

Stewarts Turf is based in Edinburgh, not far from the airport.  They deliver soil to most areas in Scotland and can usually organise a next-day delivery if you need it.

The soil is good quality, the service is great and the price seems fairly competitive.



Buy screened topsoil


Buy eco-soil  (green-waste blended with minerals)




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