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March Lawn Care Regime

The lawn care regime starts this month. As soon as the grass has started to grow and the weather and ground conditions are favourable, rake the lawn to remove leaves and surface rubbish using a spring tine rake. Do not rake too vigorously at this stage or you will damage the grass. If there have been heavy frosts during the winter, it is a good idea to settle the turf by light rolling. A cylinder mower with the cutting head held high is a good method.

The first cut should merely remove the top of the grass – close cutting at this stage could result in severe yellowing. Choose a day when the surface is dry – two cuts are usually sufficient in March.

Mowing isn’t the only job. The first feed of the season should be applied at the beginning of March. We recommend “Evergreen” range of fertilisers available from most good garden centres and super markets. By feeding the lawn you stimulate new growth and green up the lawn. Feeding also encourages the grass to side shoot and fill in any thinning areas.

We recommend that you continue feeding every 6 – 8 weeks throughout the growing season.

If areas of the lawn have got worn or sparse then now is the time to repair these areas. You can either buy a few rolls of turf (the instant method) or buy some seed and scatter throughout the sparse or bare areas.

The lawn may also need the edges tidied either cut with edging shears or trimmed with an edging iron.  To provide a permanent solution it may be worth considering installing lawn edging.

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