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Which Is The Best Turf For Back Gardens?

Needing to turf your back garden but bewildered by the different types of turf on offer? Take our quiz to decide which type of turf is best for you.

First of all: What will your lawn be used for?

Daft question I know, but it is important.

If you really love your garden and enjoy nurturing plants, you might enjoy looking after a fine lawn. If, on the other hand, your back garden is a play area for children and pets, you’ll need something more hardwearing.

small boy laying on the lawn with his pet dog

Next.  How often do you want to mow your lawn?

Everyone is different on this score. I like mowing the lawn, it’s my thinking time and the smell is just divine. Hubby hates the job though.

If your answer to this question is “as little as possible”, then a high maintenance type of turf is not for you.

Who will be using the lawn, what for and how often?

Some lawns are for looking at and barely get used at all. Some are used a couple of times a week en-route to the washing line. Maybe yours is a space for entertaining friends and family? Perhaps it’s where the energetic ones go to burn off steam?

To get best value for money for your turf, you need to match the grass species in the lawn to the job they need to do.

Try Our Quick Quiz To Help Decide Which Turf Type is Right For You

By this stage, you’re probably feeling more confused than you were at the beginning of the article.  So here’s a quiz to help you decide which lawn turf is best for your back garden.

party on the lawn

Q1: Do you enjoy gardening?

a) yes, a lot, I spend every spare moment in my garden.

b) it’s OK but it’s hard to find time.

c) No I hate it!


Q2. Do you have children or dogs?

a) No and we’re not planning on getting any

b) Not yet but we’re thinking about it

c) Yes we do


Q3. How often do you think you’ll walk on your lawn?

a) Hardly ever and even then it will be walking – not running

b) Now and then, on nice days

c) Every day, come rain, come shine

Q4. Will you lay the turf yourself?

a) I’m going to ask a professional landscaper to prepare the soil and lay the turf for me. I want it to get the best possible start.

b) I’ll probably lay the turf myself

c) I’ll definitely lay the turf myself



Mostly a’s

It sounds as though you might have the skills to care for a fine lawn.  Fine lawns turf is a mixture of fescue grasses and bent grasses, similar to what you’ll find on a bowling green.  They can be mown really short but they do need regular feeding, scarifying and aerating. 

Have a look at Verdant Greens Turf

If you can’t commit to mowing 3-4 times a week during the spring and summer months, then something with a dwarf perennial ryegrass in it can look just as good as a fine lawn. 

Our Emerald Lawn turf is disease resistant and responds really well to a less intensive care regime

Emerald Lawn Turf

Mostly b’s

I strongly recommend Emerald Lawn Turf.  It’s hardwearing, yet beautiful.  With a once-weekly mowing regime, regular feeds and the occasional aeration it will definitely make a lawn you can be proud of.

More about Emerald Lawn Turf here

Mostly c’s

Your lawn needs to be super-tough. 

Sportsman is strong and durable and can easily rise to the challenge of family life. It does best when it’s fed and mown regularly, but can cope with a bit of neglect from time to time. 

This is our best budget turf – so if it does get scuffed up, it won’t cost much to patch it up again with new turf.

More about Sportsman turf for back gardens 

Add a tub of grass seed to your order and you’ll be able to make repairs in double quick time.

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