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Turf for Football Fields

The Best Turf For Football Fields

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I’ve been reading an article on how Scotland’s premiership football has changed over the last 30 years.  It’s sad that commercialism has taken over the game but one thing that will never change is that children and young people can enjoy playing the game for free.  Schools, public spaces, sports centres all offer excellent facilities for folks to just come and play.  All you need is the space, the right turf for football fields, a sensible mowing regime and a ball.  Simple.

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Finding the right turf for football fields

No doubt about it, turf is faster than grass seed if you’re looking to create or repair a football field.

Turf for football fields needs to be tough.  It has to take a lot of wear and tear, especially in wet weather – and we all know that Scotland has a plentiful supply of wet weather.

If you’re turfing a large area – cost is also a consideration.

Emerald Lawn Turf from Stewarts Turf is a blend of perennial ryegrass, smoothstalked meadow grass and creeping red fescue.  This combination of grass species is durable, tough, easy to maintain and great to play on.

Grass species for Football Fields

The premiership stadiums use really highly bred grass species for their pitches.  The seed for those species is expensive – too expensive for most community football clubs and for parks and gardens.

At Stewarts Turf we’ve found the balance between tough and inexpensive.

Perennial Ryegrass has a strong root system that grows deep into the ground to support robust growth.  The leaves of this grass are strong and don’t tear easily.  If the ground is disturbed, you can replace the divots and ryegrass will very quickly settle down again.

Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass has thick roots that travel underground and create new plants where there are bare patches in the pitch.  This self-repairing habit is really useful for a well-used football field and saves a fortune in re-seeding.

Creeping Red Fescue makes a smooth playing surface with a nice tight sward.  These plants are well known for coping with dry summers and because they’re relatively slow growing, their maintenance is undemanding.

Where to buy Turf for Football Fields

You can order online at but I would strongly advise you to telephone the company to get prices first.

The quality of this turf is superb.  Just right for patching up goal mouths or for re-turfing a whole pitch – even if the football field is actually your back garden and the players are not quite old enough to command million pound salaries.


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