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Types of Turf

Understanding the Different Types of Turf

So you’ve decided to make a new lawn from turf and now you’re looking for turf prices.

I’ll wager you’ve seen several turf retailing websites, all with different products on them.  I’ll also wager that you’re completely confused.  You thought turf was just turf and now you don’t know what you want.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of turf that are available from Stewarts Turf.  What they’re called, what they cost and where’s best to use them.  

Turf for a Family Lawn

There are two choices of turf for a family lawn:

Both of these turf types are based on dwarf perennial ryegrass.   Now ryegrass is a great lawn grass because it’s incredibly hardwearing.  It puts up with rough and tumble and copes well with a relaxed lawncare regime.


The differences between these two grades of turf are quality and budget.

Either turf is a good quality and easy to handle.  Stewarts Turf doesn’t sell substandard products.

If you were to see the two grades side by side you’ll probably not see too much difference in the colour or texture of the grass.  The difference lies in the root structure.   Emerald Lawn Turf has matured in the field for an average of 6 months longer than Sportsman.  That means that the roots or Emerald Lawn Turf are more robust than Sportsman and the rolls are stronger.

If you want to impress: Stewarts Turf recommends Emerald Lawn Turf for a top quality family lawn, a prestigious landscaping project, to add value to a property or to really improve your garden.

For a bit of grass where the kids can play, Sportsman is ideal.  It’s low budget and it may have a few imperfections but makes a perfectly good lawn.

Turf for a low maintenance lawn

If your lawncare regime involves mowing once a week, sometimes forgetting to feed and sweeping up leaves when you get round to it, you need a ryegrass based turf.

I should really tell you off – beautiful lawns won’t stay that way if they don’t receive adequate care.  But I have to confess that I have a busy life too and lawncare isn’t always a high priority.

Stewarts Turf recommends

Choose whichever best suits your budget but I would plump for Emerald Lawn Turf if you can afford it.  It will stay lovelier for longer.

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Turf for an ornamental lawn

An ornamental lawn is a sheer joy to behold.  Beautifully manicured with neat edges, an even colour, no weeds and a velvety texture.

Verdant Greens Turf absolutely fits the bill for an ornamental lawn.


If you choose to lay Verdant Greens Turf, be prepared to mow several times a week.  Keep disease under control, feed regularly and use the lawn sparingly.  It’s not particularly hardwearing but oh! It is bonny!

For an ornamental lawn that’s a bit easier to care for, choose Emerald Lawn Turf.  Emerald Lawn Turf responds well to a regular maintenance regime.  You can mow it down to about 8-10mm although 12mm is more usual.  Feed regularly, keep on top of weeds, mow twice a week with a cylinder mower and you’ll have a stunning lawn.

Turf for Sportsfields

If you’re turfing a sportsfield you need tough turf.  Unless of course it’s a bowling green, in which case you need Verdant Greens Turf.

For football, hockey, rugby etc choose either Emerald Lawn Turf or Sportsman

You also need discounted prices.

If you’re turfing a large area (over 500 square metres) it’s always best to telephone the Stewarts Turf Office to negotiate the best possible price.  Don’t forget to ask about Big Roll Turf for faster installation times. 

Ask a Question

I hope this has been a helpful blogpost – if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We always have time for questions.

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