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What is wild flower turf?

What is wild flower turf?

Garden designers in the UK are creating easy maintenance gardens by using wild flower turf in their designs.

wild flowers growing in a garden

A wild flower area growing in a garden.  This photo was taken in June when the oxeye daisies are at their finest.

Wild flower turf is a relatively new landscaping product that was first made popular by the wildflower meadows in the Olympic Park.

It’s an easy way to establish the native plants that our bees, butterflies and other wildlife depend upon for survival.

How to plant wild flower turf

Wild flower turf is planted – or laid – in exactly the same way as grass turf.  The only thing that is different is that wild flower turf should always be laid on to poor quality soil.  Never lay wild flower turf on to nutrient rich soil.  Wild flowers hate it and they will not survive in it.

How to care for wild flower turf

Once your wild flower turf has established, all you need to do is leave it alone throughout spring and summer.  The plants will grow and flower in their own time.  Once flowering is over, usually in late summer, cut everything down and take the cuttings away.  You might need to give it a trim in autumn time, just to tidy it up but other than that just let it be.  It’ll grow back again next spring and flower next summer. It really is low maintenance.

Where to buy wild flower turf

You can buy Meadowmat wild flower turf from Stewartsturf sister site at

There are five different types to choose from.  For Scotland, I would recommend either the traditional blend of species or Cottage garden Meadowmat.    The most colourful variety by far is Meadowmat Roof and Garden which should do well throughout Scotland.

bumblebee on thrift flower

Bumblebees are just one of the creatures affected by the decline of wild flower areas - by planting wild flowers in your own garden you will be helping the creatures that help us to grow food.

When to plant wild flower turf

You can install Meadowmat wild flower turf at any time of year.  For best results, lay the matting between September and March, that way you will see plenty of flowers in its first summer.

For more information

This video explains what Meadowmat wild flower turf is, what it does and how to install it.

You can also email Meadowmat to request a brochure.

Watch the video


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