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Lawn Alternatives for when natural grass doesn’t fit the bill

At Stewarts Turf, natural grass is our very favourite thing. We love it for its versatility, its environmental benefits and because it’s probably the cheapest way to make your garden great. But, we do understand that not every garden lends itself to grass. Shaded gardens or sloping gardens for example make it difficult to grow a lawn. And if you don’t have the time or the energy for regular mowing, that’s a challenge too. So we’ve got a couple of suggestions for alternative lawns.

Our alternative lawns have many of the same advantages as grass, but they’re lower maintenance.

Sedum matting: Tidy, low maintenance and pollinator friendly

Enviromat sedum matting was originally developed for use on extensive green roofs. In other words, living roofs that have really low maintenance requirements. However, it does have some properties that make it a really useful alternative lawn. It's low growing, low maintenance, doesn't need top quality soil and copes well with sandy soils.

Enviromat sedum matting used as ground cover

How does Enviromat compare to a grass lawn?



Natural Grass

Enviromat Sedum Matting

Wear tolerance



Maintenance requirements

Moderate – High

Low – doesn’t need mowing

Drought Tolerance

Good – but may turn brown in a dry summer


Cost of installation



Cost to maintain



Environmental Benefits



Horticultural Needs

Sunshine, reasonable drainage

Sunshine, good drainage

Soil types


No soil needed


For more information, read our blog  or visit the Enviromat website

Meadowmat wildflower turf: Fashionable and wildlife friendly

It’s great to see that so many 21st century gardeners are doing their bit to take care of the wildlife in their area.

Meadowmat wildflower turf allows you to grow beautiful wildlife habitat instead of a close mown lawn. True, it does look very different to what you may have been used to, but that needn’t be a negative.

Meadowmat alternative lawn

Install Meadowmat in exactly the same way as grass turf. Simply unroll the mats onto prepared ground and keep them watered until the roots are established.  But, with Meadowmat, you can keep your mower, scarifier, aerator and fertiliser spreader safely in the shed. You won’t be needing them at all. Allow your wildflower meadow to grow freely between March and August and you’ll be rewarded with a cacophony of flowers and a host of visiting butterflies and bees.

It will grow thigh-high, so give it a more manicured look by adding landscaped paths and seating areas. These double up as viewing points so that you can get up close to the flowers, grasses and creatures all around you. It’s a photographer’s dream.

Meadowmat needs to be cut back when all the flowers have finished blooming. Dry the vegetation if you can and then take it all away (it makes great bedding for small animals or you can put it on the compost heap).

Learn more about Meadowmat wildflower turf here

Where to buy alternative lawn making materials

Meadowmat and Enviromat are available to order from Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh.

Simply telephone the office on 0333 456 0019  or send us an email and we’ll call you back

Alternatively, you can buy online from our sister site. All products will be delivered direct from the grower.

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