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When to Lay Wildflower Turf

If you’re thinking of creating a wildflower area in your garden, here’s the lowdown on when to lay wildflower turf in Scotland.

Wildflower turf is a relatively new product in the gardening world. Sold under the brand name Meadowmat, it’s exactly what you would expect. A mat of wildflowers and grasses that handles just like turf.

Rolls of wildflower turf stacked on a pallet ready for delivery

Freshly harvested Meadowmat wildflower turf at the nursery.  When it's unrolled, each piece measures 1m wide x 2m long. Lead time for delivery is normally 2-3 working days allowing you to work with the weather.

Why choose wildflower turf instead of seed?

Wildflower seed is undeniably less expensive than wildflower turf. But laying Meadowmat does have some advantages over seeding.

  • Instant plant coverage
  • Annual weed seeds in the soil are smothered by the mat and won’t germinate
  • Plants have already germinated and are growing strongly – no worries about seeds being slow to get started.
  • Birds don’t eat wildflower turf but they will devour wildflower seed in no time at all
  • No need to protect the site from cats or other creatures that like soft soil
  • Wildflower turf can be laid at any time of year (provided the ground is not frozen)

When to lay wildflower turf

In Scotland, Meadowmat can be laid virtually all year round, weather permitting.


If the weather is mild and you can prepare the soil without creating a muddy mess, then it’s perfectly OK to lay Meadowmat. The plants will root into your soil and get off to a strong start in the spring. It’s a good way to manage your workload too – come spring you’ll probably be busy with other gardening jobs.


Spring is a great time of year for new garden projects. The soil is warming up and there’s usually plenty of rain to help keep plants watered.

A quick gardening tip: If you want your Meadowmat to flower in its first summer, try to install it before the end of March. That way the plants have plenty of time to establish and grow. Leave it too late and you may not see a full flush of flowers in year 1.


No reason why you can’t lay wildflower turf in summer. You may not see it in its full glory until the next flowering season but it will still make great groundcover. Be very vigilant about watering though and make sure you lay your Meadowmat as soon as it is delivered. Don’t delay or it could be badly affected by sod heating.


My favourite time of year and the perfect opportunity to lay Meadowmat. Summer bedding displays will be over and can be replaced by wildflowers. Laying Meadowmat in autumn is ideal if you plan on adding some spring flowering bulbs to the mix. Simply press the bulbs into the prepared soil and then unroll the Meadowmat on top of them.

Laying Meadowmat in Autumn: A short video

During the winter, the wild flowers will push their roots deep into your garden soil and by springtime you’ll be impressed by how robust your wildflower area is looking.

Where to buy wildflower turf in Scotland

Stewarts Turf from Edinburgh are official suppliers of Meadowmat wild flower turf. In fact, pretty soon, all 5 varieties of Meadowmat will be available to order online from the Stewarts Turf website.

In the meantime, the team here are ready, willing and able to answer any questions you may have about Meadowmat and how to lay and care for it.

Just call us on 0333 456 0019 or send us an email. Office hours are 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday.


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