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Where can I find Wildflower Turf for Sale in Scotland?

A very special brand of wildflower turf, known as Meadowmat is available to buy from Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh.

What is Meadowmat wild flower turf?

Meadowmat is a unique product developed to help gardeners establish wildflowers quickly and effortlessly. It’s as easy as laying lawn turf and brings biodiversity to a new level.

This video explains the principals behind Meadowmat wildflower turf.

Which type of Meadowmat is right for me?

There are five types of Meadowmat wildflower turf. Each one is produced and installed in exactly the same way. However each type of Meadowmat is distinctively different because of the seedmix it is grown from.

Traditional Meadowmat

Just like the lowland meadows of yesteryear. Traditional Meadowmat likes wide open locations with plenty of sunshine and good drainage.  It’s packed with old fashioned wildflowers including birdsfoot trefoil, knapweed, buttercups, oxeye daisies and delicate scabious.

scabious flower with butterfly

Scabious appears in more than one of the Meadowmat varieties because it is so loved by so many insects

You’ll find the full seedmix for Traditional Meadowmat here (there are 34 types of seed in the mix, each one sourced in the UK)

Cottage Garden Meadowmat

Our absolute favourite. Lots of colour, lots of texture and a magnetic attraction for beneficial insects.  Cottage Garden Meadowmat is just like a Victorian herbaceous border – without the work!

The special thing about every type of Meadowmat wildflower turf is that it is low maintenance. Provided the soil was prepared properly and the product has the optimum amount of daylight, all it needs is one haircut a year. All of the cuttings can be dried and/or composted and there’s no need for feeding or pruning.

Find out more about cottage garden meadowmat here

Woodland Shade Meadowmat

This is the perfect wildflower turf for dappled shade. In the wild, these plants all thrive in woodland margins and in hedgerows. The flowering period tends to be earlier in the year than other Meadowmat varieties and it provides a lovely pop of colour while the rest of the garden is still awakening.

roll of meadowmat wildflower turf

This is what Meadowmat looks like when it's first delivered. Full of life for instant ground cover.

Woodland Shade Meadowmat is ideal for parkland, orchards and low maintenance areas.

Click here for the  full seedmix and description

Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

If you’re into conservation and you want your garden to host as many creatures as it can, this is the Meadowmat for you. Some of the plant species are incredibly rich in pollen and nectar to support bees, butterflies and moths. Others have tasty seedheads for the birds to munch on.


The magnificent teasel

A majestic member of this wildflower community is the teasel. Tall, proud and as much loved by bees as by goldfinches. This is a star plant. The spent seedheads make great indoor decoration too!

Trim back in late February so that the benefits last as long as possible.

Meadowmat for Roof and Garden

Last but by no means least is Meadowmat for Roof and Garden. Living roofs are becoming a mainstream feature in Scottish architecture and garden design. This Meadowmat brings together plant species that can cope with the difficult conditions of a living roof without any fuss. They’re also wildlife friendly and rather pretty. (At least we think so)

If you love this Meadowmat but don’t have a suitable roof to grow it on, don’t panic! Meadowmat for roof and garden thrives on the ground too. Just make sure it has excellent drainage and lots of sunshine.

More information here 


Where to buy Meadowmat Wildflower Turf

Meadowmat is available to buy online from our sister company

However, the team at Stewarts Turf are able to answer any questions you may have AND provide a personalised quote for you.  Call us on 0333 456 0019 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you

Contact Stewarts Turf

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