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Cheap Turf Suppliers. What's The Cost?

What makes turf cheap?

If your turf grower or supplier is offering cheap turf, it could be for one of several reasons

  • Uncultivated turf
  • Poor quality ingredients eg grass seed, soil, cultivations
  • Poor customer service
  • Reduced price due to reduced freshness

Uncultivated turf

Some cheap turf suppliers are actually selling meadow turf. Meadow turf was never meant to be a lawn. It consists of coarse agricultural grasses that make superb sheep feed but will never be a beautiful close mown lawn.

If you are offered cheap turf, ask to check it first. Look for a thick, heavy layer of soil, thick grass blades and possibly even some broadleaved weeds.

Poor quality ingredients

It’s easy to think that grass is just grass but in fact there are wild variations between the different types and species of grass.

The more modern varieties of grass have been especially bred to look good, feel nice on bare feet and to thrive in garden conditions. For a family lawn you need grass species that don’t mind being kept short and that recover quickly from wear and tear.

For turf to be strong, it must include some grass species with mat forming roots that hold the turf rolls in one piece. It also needs to include grasses with robust roots that will establish quickly. There’s a lot to think about.

The best turf is grown from carefully formulated mixtures of several grass species and they come at a price. At Stewarts Turf our seedmix has been selected to thrive in Scotland’s unique climate. It’s not cheap, but we think it is good value for money.

Poor customer service

To make a living out of selling cheap turf, there has to be a compromise somewhere in the system. That may be poor quality seedmixes, unsatisfactory soil or the cuts could come in the customer service department.

At Stewarts Turf, customer service is key to the success of our company. Everybody is here to help our customers. Eleanor and Dave in the office are friendly and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the type of turf that’s best for you. Bill and the other delivery drivers will make life as easy for you as they can. Even the website makes it easy to order turf online

Reduced for a quick sale

When it comes to turf, the fresher the better. If your local DIY store is reducing turf prices it’s probably because the product hasn’t sold quick enough and the quality is deteriorating.  If you see cheap turf, unroll each piece – especially the ones in the middle of the heap. If the grass is very yellow, the turf smells sour or worse – it feels warm – be very wary.

Getting best value for money from your turf supplier

As with any product, there are some genuine bargains out there, but cheap turf is hard to find

  • Don’t lower your standards for the sake of a few pennies
  • Always buy from a reputable supplier who will stand by their product
  • If you have time, find out about grass species so you understand what you are buying
  • Check reviews and testimonials for your turf supplier
  • ASK and be sure you are buying the right type of turf for your project
  • Be confident that your turf will be fresh from the field and hasn’t been sitting on a pallet for more than 24 hours
  • Follow your suppliers turf laying advice carefully

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