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What is Enviromat Sedum Matting?

One of the products available from Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh is Enviromat Sedum Matting.   You may have seen it mentioned in advertisements, on our Facebook page or pictured on our vehicles.

So what exactly is Enviromat?  Where can you use it? What are the benefits?

Hopefully, this article will enlighten you.

What are sedums and sedum matting?

Sedums are beautiful succulent plants that are incredibly attractive to pollinators.  There are something like 400 different sedum species, but not all of them are suited to the Scottish climate.  You’ll be happy to know that the 7 species in Enviromat are all frost hardy down to -20 degrees and are happily living on various green roof projects way beyond Aberdeen.

pink flower head of sedum spurium

Sedum Spurium, also known as two-row stonecrop of caucasian stonecrop showcases the sedum plant family perfectly.  It has thick fleshy leaves, and the star shaped flowers are arranged in clusters on the stem.   Pollinating nsects love these  flowers, the petals are arranged so that it's easy to reach all the nectar.

You may know of sedums as ice plants or stonecrops.  They’re have fleshy fat leaves to help them cope with extreme weather conditions.  The flowers are star shaped and come in pinks, whites and yellows.  Sedum album is native to the UK and grows particularly well North of the border.

Sedum matting is a pre-grown blanket of sedum plants.   In some ways it’s like grass turf in that all you need to do is unroll it onto a prepared surface for an instant covering of plants.

texture of enviromat sedum matting foliage

Enviromat sedum matting is a blend of several different sedum species  That's what makes its texture so unique and fascinating.  I'd almost go so far as to say it doesn't need flowers to make it lovely - but then where would we be without flowers?

Enviromat Sedum matting consists of four interlocked layers that all work together to support the sedum plants.

From the top down, we have

  1. The plants.  A mixture of several different sedum species.  The texture is amazing and the flowers should bloom from May/June right through to the first frosts.
  2. The growing medium.   Sedums can live in a really shallow layer of growing medium and they like gritty, well drained soils.  Enviromat contains a 20mm depth of what we call substrate, which is ideal for sedums.  And it’s enough to support the plants indefinitely provided they are fed regularly and watered during prolonged droughts.
  3. The carrier fleece.   For green roofers, this is also a filter fleece.   Enviromat’s carrier fleece is unique.  It has a loopy netting sewn into it for extra strength.  This netting holds the growing medium (and the plants) in place and makes Enviromat easy to handle.
  4. Water retention matting.  Just as an insurance against drought, we’ve increased the water holding capacity of the sedum matting by sewing a fleecy layer to the back of it. 


Where can you use Enviromat?

Enviromat is incredibly versatile.  There are only two things it asks.  Good drainage and plenty of daylight.   The sedum plants will not thrive if they are in the shade for more than half a day and there’s nothing they hate more than soggy soils.

one use for Enviromat - as a rooftop restaurant for bees

Enviromat makes a lovely green roof on this beehive.  It's like a rooftop restaurant for bees.

bug hotel in gabions with enviromat green roof


This bug hotel built in gabion baskets has an Enviromat green roof -as does the shed in the background


Other customers have used Enviromat for green roofing and for low maintenance ground cover.  One clever soul has used it to create a Japanese style garden using upturned fish ponds and lots of gravel.  It makes a superb alternative to a lawn because although it is not hardwearing, it doesn’t need mowing.  Perfect for people too busy to garden.

5 reasons to use Enviromat in the garden

Easy to care for – no mowing or deadheading.  Minimal weeding and it only needs feeding once a year.

Drought tolerant and frost hardy.   Provided it has sunshine and good drainage, Enviromat will survive almost anything the Scottish weather can throw at it.

Happy on poor or no soil – for example on the roof or disguising a man-hole cover

Attracts butterflies and bumblebees

The carrier fleece is impossible for pets to dig in

Where Can I See Enviromat?

We have a lovely display roof made from Enviromat at our depot in Edinburgh.   Click here for a map  http://www.stewartsturf.com/contact-us/

What does Enviromat cost?

It all depends on transport costs – so varies according to where you are and how much Enviromat you need.   Call us for a quote  http://www.stewartsturf.com/contact-us/


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