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How to find a good landscaper in Scotland

Where to look for a reliable landscaper

So your garden isn’t up to scratch and you need a landscaper to help you improve it.  Who do you call?

In this article we look at ways of finding a good landscaper.  One who is competent and who won’t run away with your money.

laying turf

Laying turf is something that you can do yourself - provided you are reasonably fit and have plenty of time.  If in doubt, ask for professional help from a landscape contractor. 

What skills should your landscaper have?

What exactly is it that you want done in your garden?  Do you even know?  If you’re not sure where you want the patio or whether you should have a pond or a lawn – you need a garden designer. 

Most garden designers work with landscapers to get the job done.  That means that you probably won’t have to hire two different firms. Easier for you and you can be sure that the people doing the work are going to do a good job.

If you already have a design in mind, make sure your landscaper of choice is able to cover all of the tasks.  He or she may need to lay paving stones, build walls, sort out levels and drainage, use a chainsaw to clear old trees, lay turf, install a green roof.  All of these need very different skillsets.  Some need training and certificates.

Word of mouth and recommendations

My favourite way of finding any tradesperson is to ask around.  Have any of your friends or neighbours had work done in their garden lately.  Who was the landscaper? What did they do? Did they do a good job?

Ask the Internet

More and more these days, landscapers are doing a better job of promoting themselves online.   Having said that, I’ve just googled “Landscaper in Scotland” and not found many results.  There are a lot of Companies out there who are fantastic at what they do.  Real craftsmen.  But they’re landscapers, not marketers.  Just because they’re not online doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Facebook is another good place to search. If a landscape business has a facebook presence you'll probably be able to see up to date pictures and comments.

The advantage of the internet is that you can sometimes find reviews and testimonials from other people who have used a company’s services.  Read them.

Newspaper adverts

Tried and tested.  Best to ring round a few advertisers though, ask about qualifications.  Ask to see previous work.  If you don’t know a Company or its reputation is easy to get ripped off.

Trade Associations

There’s a trade association in the UK called BALI.  The British Association for Landscape Industry.  Every single BALI member has all aspects of their business examined every 2 years.  They look at previous work, training and qualifications, insurances – even the accounts to make sure they’re bone-fide.

If I were looking for a landscaper in Scotland, and I hadn’t had any word of mouth recommendations I’d look on the BALI website first.  They have a very easy to use search facility that will find a landscaper near you.

Visit the BALI website

Turf Suppliers

If you’re renewing your lawn and want somebody to help you with it, why not ask your local turf supplier to recommend a landscaper?  Stewarts Turf will happily help you find a good landscaper near you.  Simply call Eleanor or David on 0333 456 0019 during office hours.  They’ll do what they can to help.


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