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Green Roofing: Ideas and Inspiration

Inspiring green roofs

Green roofs have been used for centuries to insulate buildings and to camouflage them. In days of yore it was practical to use locally sourced products such as turf. Today, you can use Enviromat sedum matting or Meadowmat wildflower turf to bring a whole host of benefits to a building of almost any size.

In this blogpost, we’ve gathered together some pictures of green roofs to show you just what is possible on a small scale.

Living green roof on arbroath abbey scotland

Sedum roof for Arbroath Abbey visitor centre

This is a classic example of how a sedum roof has been used to blend a modern building with an ancient site. Viewed from this angle, the visitor centre looks as though it has been included in the landscaping. Which of course it has. The new building still looks new but it's not a harsh contrast with the ancient abbey.

timber framed log store with sedum green roof

Green roof log store

This is a lovely project for any DIY enthusiast and it's incredibly practical too. This particular log store was built by Enviroden in England and the green roof made using Enviromat sedum matting. Enviromat is available in Scotland from Stewarts Turf Ltd.

cycle shed with wildflower roof

Green roof cycle store

This cycle shed services an architects' practice and is a beautiful thing to look down upon from the office window. The 15 strong team of people working in the office turned this into a team building exercise. They waterproofed the building, lifted the growing medium onto the roof and laid Meadowmat wildflower turf underplanted with spring flowering bulbs.

The green roof is certainly more attractive than bare waterproofing and brings a lot of pleasure to the people involved in creating it.

garden office with living sedum roof

Sedum roof insulating a garden building

It's ideas like this that are practical as well as beautiful.  This garden office benefits from having a sedum roof - or rather the people using it do.  A living roof helps to cool a building in summer and insulate against the cold in winter time. Incredibly helpful if you are subjected to the vagaries of the Scottish weather.

wee bird house with sedum roof

Bird feeder with living roof

I just adore this wee bird feeder. It's not the biggest sedum roof I've ever seen but it's just so lovely! Those plants on the top are frost hardy down to about minus 20 degrees. They will flower all summer long. The blooms are rich in nectar and adored by bumblebees, honeybees and butterflies.

green roof summerhouse in edinburgh garden

Last but by no means least is this sweet little summerhouse designed by Carolyn Grohmann from Edinburgh. Just adorable. It's the sort of place I'd like to be sitting in to write my blogs.

For more information

If you've been inspired to create a living green roof on a bird table, bin store, flat roof extension, garden shed or summerhouse, talk to the team at Stewarts Turf Ltd.

Eleanor and David can talk you through the process, tell you what you need and what it might cost and post you the information you need.

Contact Stewarts Turf Ltd

How to make a sedum roof - practical step by step instructions along with a video


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