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How To Mow Stripes Into Your Lawn

Mowing stripes into your lawn

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Rectangular lawn in a courtyard with beautifully mown stripes

The classic lawn always seems to have ruler-straight, evenly spaced stripes running up and down it, but how do they get there and can you do that at home?

The answer is an emphatic “yes”.  You can mow stripes into your lawn, but it takes practise and a straight eye.

Do I need a special mower to make stripes with?

I’m afraid that the standard rotary mowers that are so cost-effective and freely available are just no good for lawn striping. 

What you need is a mower with a roller on the back of it.  The width of the roller will be the width of your stripes.

If your mower doesn’t have a built-in roller, you can buy a lawn striping kit.  Last time I looked there were several available on e-bay

Your mower must also have a grass box on it to collect clippings.

How do I get stripes into my lawn?

1. First of all, check that your mower has plenty of fuel in it and the blades are nice and sharp.  Set the height of the blades so that you’re cutting off 1/3 of the leaf blade and no more.

2. Lawn care expert David Hedges-Gower always cuts the edges of his lawn before getting the mower out.  That way the mower can pick up and clippings.

Pick up any debris– twigs, leaves, toys etc and take garden furniture off the lawn so that you can get a clear run.

Start by mowing around the edge of the lawn for two or three rounds.  This will give you space to turn at each end of the lawn.

Decide which way you want your stripes to run

Pick a point in the distance and focus on it – don’t move your focus – walk towards that point.  You should mow a nice straight line.

Turn around on the edge of the lawn and overlap the mower slightly with the stripe you’ve just mown.

Head back but walk slightly to one side of the mower so that you’re feet are on the edge of the stripe you’ve just mown.  It’s easier to keep straight that way.

Repeat until you’ve finished the whole lawn and then mow round the perimeter again to give a nice neat finish.

Clean your mower down ready for next time.

Job done!

What if I want patterns not stripes?

Your lawn doesn’t need to be stripes.  You can mow a chequered pattern, diagonal stripes, waves or even a maze.  Go-on let your imagination run wild.

grass lawn with chequered pattern mown into it

A chequered pattern looks great on a lawn and guess what....it's a great way to disguise thin, bald or discoloured patches


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