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How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn

Controlling Weeds In Your Lawn

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The secret to controlling weeds in your lawn lies not in expensive chemicals, but in regular mowing and good feeding.

If your lawn is in good condition and the sward is nice and thick, weeds don’t stand a chance.

poor quality lawn with weeds and weak grasses

If your lawn looks like this lawn, it's time to take action!

If however, you’ve inherited a lawn, and it’s in poor shape, there are a few things you can do to get the weeds under control.

Hand weeding is best for the environment

Personally I’m not a fan of chemical weedkillers.  They need careful storing and handling and can easily damage the plants that you do actually want in your garden. 

Wherever possible, I prefer to remove lawn weeds by hand.  I’ve got a nifty little tool for grubbing out dandelions and plantains the job doesn’t take long at all.  Other invaders such as selfheal, chickweed and speedwell are easy to pull up and certainly don’t take kindly to the lawn being scarified.

Chemical control

If your lawn is really badly infested or if hand-weeding isn’t a practical solution for you, then you’ll need to resort to chemical weedkillers.  Either that or consider re-turfing.

Your best bet is to hire a reputable lawn-care service to help rid your lawn of weeds.  Not only do they have more effective chemicals than you’ll find in the garden centres, they have the right equipment and training to get the best results from them.


Mr and Mrs Gardens is a Company from East Kilbride who offer a fantastic lawn care service.  They’re definitely worth contacting if you live in East Kilbride, Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas.

Contact Mr and Mrs Gardens 

Starting again

If your lawn is infested with weeds, the ground is compacted and the grass plants are weak the best thing you can do is rip it up and start again.  You may think you’ll enjoy the challenge of renovating a poor quality lawn but believe me, it’s a lot of work and it will take a very long time.

The choices are seeding or turfing.  Both are relatively easy and probably cost less than the renovation.

Here’s how to lay turf


How to grow a lawn from seed


How to stop lawn weeds from growing in your lawn

If your lawn is healthy, weeds are much less likely to grow in it.  How do you keep your lawn healthy?

  • Mow regularly – at least once a week – more often during spring and early summer
  • Don’t scalp the lawn.  Maintaining the grass at around 3-5cm long is ideal. It’s less stressful for the grass plants and you’re less likely to get bare patches where weeds can establish.
  • Feed your lawn every 6 weeks between March and November.  Use the right fertiliser for the time of year and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Scarify and aerate your lawn in autumn. It will look messy for a while but keeps the soil in good condition which ultimately has a knock-on effect on the grass.
  • Remove weeds as soon as you see them.  Don’t let them set seed and spread.  Remember the old saying? “A stitch in time saves nine”.


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