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Can I lay turf in October?

Can I lay turf in October?

Turf can be laid all year round.  Provided, of course, the soil beneath it can be properly prepared. Of all the months of the year, September and October are by far the best for laying turf.  Especially in Scotland.


Yes you can lay turf in October – and here’s why.......

  • Turf growers have been nurturing their product all through the spring and summer.  In autumn turf is in peak condition.
  • Garden soil is easy to work with at this time of year.  You can prepare a really lovely base for your turf.  As with most creative projects – the preparation is key to getting the results you want.
  • Cooler daytime temperatures means turf lasts longer rolled up.  It still needs to be laid on the same day as delivery but you can go at your own pace.
  • Autumn weather is much kinder to your body when you’re doing physical work.  Less risk of sunburn and/or dehydration.

Laying turf in autumn

October is a fabulous time of year to lay turf for many reasons.  Experienced gardeners among you will notice that the trees surrounding this garden have already shed their leaves - so there'll be no need to sweep dead leaves off this newly laid turf

  • Natural rainfall keeps the soil moist and reduces the need for you to water your turf (you will still need to water it when there’s not enough rain!)
  • Turf has time to establish strong roots before the Scottish winter sets in.
  • Roots will grow fast in autumn and keep growing through the winter.
  • Grass blades don’t grow much at all when the soil temperature drops below 6 degrees. That means less mowing for you and less stress for the newly established turf.
  • You won’t want to be playing on the lawn for a few months – the turf can get really strong before it receives lots of wear and tear

The Best Gardening Advice

If you listen to the old-school gardeners, they’ll always tell you that turf should be laid in autumn and trees should be planted in winter.  They’re recounting wisdom that’s been handed down for generations.  That learning has been based on experience and even though we don’t like the idea of it – Grandad (or Grandma!) always knows best!


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