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Laying Turf in Hot Weather

Laying Turf in Hot Weather

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Summer is finally here! But what does that mean for lawn lovers?


Caring for new lawns in hot weather

First of all, if you’ve recently laid a lawn from turf – be very vigilant about watering it until you are 100% certain it has established. 

You’ll find more information on watering your lawn here

Turfing a new lawn in summer time

turf being unrolled onto soil

If you are planning to lay a new lawn from turf, here are some top tips

  • Make sure the ground is prepared BEFORE your turf is delivered.  Turf has a short shelf life and in hot weather it gets even shorter.  You MUST be able to lay your turf as soon as it is delivered.
  • Consider paying a bit extra to have your turf delivered in the morning.  That way it will be fresher and you will have time to lay it that same day.
  • Move all of your turf into the shade as soon as it arrives and break the pallet down into as many smaller stacks as possible.  Don’t water the rolls though, and don’t cover them.  Air flow is vital to keep the turf as fresh as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water yourself, wear a hat and use sunscreen.  You need to think about your own health too!
  • Water your turf as soon as it is laid.  If you are making a large lawn, lay the turf in stages and water it as you go.  Make sure the water penetrates the turf and sinks into the soil beneath.
  • For large lawns, have your turf delivered in batches one or two days apart.  Never order more than you can realistically lay in one day.
  • Water new turf every evening without fail for the first two weeks.  In really hot weather it might need an early morning soaking too.  It’s vital that water soaks the soil underneath the turf….pick up a corner to check and pay special attention to the edges of the lawn.  They dry out the quickest.
  • If you are at all worried, take photographs and contact your turf supplier immediately.  They will be able to advise you on what’s normal for this time of year and what to do if thing aren’t quite right.

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