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March Lawncare Tips

s the soil warms up, your lawn will want to start growing. Our March lawncare tips will help you ensure your grass grows into a lush, green healthy lawn.

Essential lawncare jobs for March

  • Moss control
  • Feeding
  • Mowing
  • Renovation and Repairs

Moss Control in lawns

Moss just loves living in Scotland. It likes damp, shady conditions and our high rainfall means it can thrive.

Managing moss in your lawn is all about creating the wrong conditions for it to thrive. And then if it does sneak in, remove it as soon as possible and make sure the grass is too strong for it to re-invade.

Killing moss in the lawn

If you do have a lot of moss in your lawn, apply some Sulphate of Iron. Most garden centres will stock it but you may need to ask for it. It’s usually more cost effective than those weed and feed preparations.

Scarifying to remove moss

Sulphate of Iron will turn the moss black and will help your lawn to green up. A couple of weeks after application, your lawn will be ready for scarifying. Scarifying takes all of the moss out of the lawn as well as dead grass leaves. It allows water to percolate through the lawn better and gives the grass room to grow.


Aeration is what greenkeepers do to relieve soil compaction and help lawns drain. In other words, it’s one way of making the lawn inhospitable to moss.

You could use a garden fork to prick holes in your lawn, or you could buy some of those sandals that look like upside down hedgehogs. Ideally though you will use a hollow tine aerator to really open up the soil structure.

Feeding your lawn in spring

If you do nothing else to your lawn this spring, do this. It’s vital that you give your lawn a really good feed in early spring. It’s the equivalent of yourself waking up after a long night and having a great big breakfast to help you recover and to set you up for the day.

Spring lawn feed needs to contain a good dose of Nitrogen for cell growth, some Phosphorus for strength and Potassium for resilience.

At Stewarts Turf we recommend Harrowden Turf’s Vivid Green Lawn Feed for domestic lawns  or Evolution Lawn Feed for larger lawns and commercial grounds maintenance.

Mowing your lawn in March

Yes, it’s time to get the mower out of the shed and start your annual mowing regime.

Have you serviced your mower and sharpened the blades? No? Try and do it this weekend if you can. It’s vital that you have super sharp blades otherwise you will tear and the grass and make it vulnerable to disease.

For the first cut of the year, all you need to do is tickle the tops of the grass. Just nip off 5mm or so. This will tidy the lawn and stimulate thick healthy growth. Please don’t scalp your lawn this early in the year. Stressed grass is more susceptible to frost.

Mow regularly thoughout the growing season but be mindful of the weather. If it’s very hot, raise the blades a little. And remember, the shorter the grass, the easier it is for moss to invade. For a utility lawn 5 cm is the ideal length for your grass.

Lawn Renovation and Repairs

If your lawn is looking shabby or has bare bits, you will probably want to do some renovation. My Granny always said that you have to make a mess to clear one up. That’s definitely the case with lawn renovation.

Start with aeration, then scarification and then feed and overseed. You might want to topdress your lawn before you feed it.

Topdressing is adding a thin layer of free draining soil to the lawn and brushing it into the holes made by aeration.   It’s a really good way to improve the soil beneath your lawn and to support the plants as they recover.

Overseed with the right type of grass seed for your lawn. If your garden has lots of wear and tear, choose a grass seed containing ryegrass. If you want a bowling green type lawn and are able to spend a lot of time on lawncare, then a mix of fescues and bent grasses is ideal. But be aware that it can be quite labour intensive to care for a “fine” lawn.

Order your lawncare essentials online

Spring Summer Lawn Feed for small – medium sized gardens 

Spring summer lawn feed for large lawns

70:30 soil for Topdressing 

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