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Ordering Grass Seed Online

Whether you want to repair an existing lawn or create a new lawn, autumn and spring are the best times of year to sow grass seed.  To get best value for money, I would always recommend ordering grass seed online.  It’s convenient, you can compare prices easily and you don’t have to spend ages in the garden centre staring at the shelf and wondering which grass seed is best for you.

grass seed being sown into bare patches on a lawn

Which blend of grass seed is best?

Lawns and lawn care is a complex science.  There are dozens of different types of lawn grass out there, all of which have different properties.  Confused?  Let me explain.

A sports stadium is used and managed very differently to a golf course, a bowling green or a domestic lawn.  Likewise, grass on a village green is different to the sort of grass you want in your garden.  Light and shade, soil type, maintenance regime and traffic all affect the conditions a grass is growing in.  Just as different breeds of dog are suitable for different people, different types of grass are suitable for different gardens.

close up of lawn sward showing different grass species

When you look really closely at a lawn you can see different shades of green and leaves that are different thicknesses.  This tells you that the lawn is a blend of different grass species

Most of the boxes of grass seed you can buy in the garden centre or online are a blend of different types of grass.  Each type of grass has different strengths and weaknesses.  Blended together they work as a team to create the type of lawn you need.

Take a look at these basic types of lawn grass, decide which properties you need for your lawn, and look for a blend that will meet all of your needs.

For a hardwearing lawn

Choose ryegrass: Modern varieties are usually be fine-leaved and beautiful to look at. 

For self-repair

If you use your lawn a lot – especially for dogs or for sports, there’s a risk of scuffing the surface and creating bald patches.  Choose smooth-stalked meadowgrass.  It spreads via its roots and repairs bare patches almost before you’ve spotted them.

For fine texture

Fescues and bent grasses have beautifully fine feathery leaves that can be mown closely.  However, they’re not particularly hardwearing and they are more susceptible to disease.  Blend these with ryegrass if your lawn needs to be really robust.

For all year round colour

Grasses do tend to turn brown in summer time – even in Scotland!  Of all the commonly used lawn grasses ryegrass is the least susceptible to drought stress.  It has very long, very deep roots that can search out groundwater when the surface of the soil dries out.

For shade

Poa Supina is a newcomer to the lawn grass market.  It’s rather good at tolerating moderate (but not deep) shade.   Just don’t mow it too short and be sure to keep it well fed.

Where to order the best grass seed online

Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh offer a range of grass seeds to order online.   We can also recommend Turfonline.co.uk – particularly if you want shade tolerant grass seed.

Use the links below to see prices for grass seed

Shade tolerant grass seed 

Hardwearing grass seed – for small gardens and for overseeding  

Hardwearing grass seed – economy packs 

Fine grass seed for bowling greens – economy sized pack 


If you have a specific requirement, Stewarts Turf can help you find your perfect grass seed. 

Send us an email to start the conversation. 



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