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The Origins of Dwarf Perennial Rye grass

The Origins of Dwarf Perennial Rye grass

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The first turf type dwarf perennial rye grasses were released in the USA in the early 1960s and quickly became the most widely planted turf grass in much of Northern America. Perennial rye grass has been used for animal forage for the past 300 years. It was first launched as a turf grass in 1961 but it took a lot of improvement from agronomists before it became the turf grass we know today.

The old types of perennial ryegrass are nothing like modern turfgrass

In the years it was used for animal forage and first tested for use in turf grass it had very poor mowing quality, grew as a very thin and patchy turf and had poor tolerance to heat and cold - some of the least desired attributes for using in any turf grass blend. You would wonder why they persevered.

 seedhead of dwarf perennial ryegrass

Seed head of dwarf perennial ryegrass

Features of Dwarf perennial ryegrass

Dwarf perennial rye grass is best adapted to mild temperate climates and it is what is known as a bunch grass with a limited ability to spread.

It is very dark in colour, which makes it a very attractive addition to any turf mix.

With the improvements and developments over time the positive attributes of the rye grass have become far more dominant, these include its rapid germination, it’s quick establishment even in cold conditions.

It has a much finer leaf, denser sward and cleaner, easier cut than its pasture counterpart.

It has also retained some of the attributes which made it such a great pasture and forage turf which include its versatility, excellent wear resistance and its dense and compact growth.

Why Dwarf perennial ryegrass is great for lawns

We include dwarf perennial rye grass in both our “Sportsman” and “Emerald” turf blends.

The super fine cultivar of rye that we include blends perfectly with the fescues grasses used in the “Sportsman” and both the fescues and smooth stalked meadow grasses in the “Emerald” blend.

The inclusion of the rye provides both blends with excellent durability.

The variety of rye we use will also tolerate close mowing meaning it can be used for a wider range of grass surface requirements.

We recommend our “Emerald” for use on summer sports surfaces such as tennis courts, for golf tees and prestige family lawns.

The “Sportsman” is recommended for winter sports, general landscaping and hardwearing family lawns.

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