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What to look for in a premium turf

How do you know if what you are paying for is really what you wanted? In this blog we’re looking at turf quality and asking what to look for in a premium turf?

Quality means different things to different people. For some it’s about the service, for others it’s value for money or the actual product. To me, the word quality suggests luxury. A better than basic product or service. Something that offers just that little bit more.

golf tee on premium turf

When it comes to turf, premium means:

  • Superior customer service
  • No annoying hidden charges
  • An easy to install product that doesn’t break when you try to lay the turf
  • No bare patches or broadleaved weeds
  • Healthy root system for speedy establishment
  • Beautiful thick and lush sward with a velvety texture and a pleasant smell
  • Grown on good quality soil so it’s not too heavy to handle
  • Freshly harvested
  • Delivered with minimal handling so that the turf rolls are not damaged

At Stewarts Turf we’re very proud to say that we offer all of the above and probably a bit more. We are experienced turf growers and our Company would never have reached such a grand old age if customers were disappointed with our products.

Which of Stewarts Turf products are premium turf?

Stewarts Turf offer three grades of turf to order online

Emerald Grade Turf

Emerald turf, as the name suggests, is a beautiful shade of green. This is especially grown for prestige lawns and for sports stadia. It does contain dwarf perennial ryegrass so is well suited to lawns that are going to be played on and enjoyed. It’s tough, but at the same time, it’s beautiful.  If Emerald turf were a person it would be Tom Hardy.

emerald premium grade lawn turf

Is Emerald Grade Turf a premium turf?

Yes it is. It’s also reasonably easy to keep in good condition. That’s why Emerald is our best seller.

Verdant Grade Turf

Verdant is the ultimate premium turf. It has an amazing texture and colour and copes really well with close mowing and manicuring.

However, like so many premium products, it does need to be nurtured to keep it in tip top condition. Imagine owning a racehorse, turning it out on a muddy field and feeding it second rate hay. Would it perform for you? Unlikely.

Verdant grade turf is the horticultural equivalent of a racehorse. If it is to look good and perform well it needs to be properly fed and groomed.

If you’ve not got the time to mow every other day, feed every 6 weeks, scarify and aerate regularly and keep a close eye out for pests and diseases, Verdant is not the premium turf product for you.

verdant turf for bowling green

Is verdant a premium turf? Most definitely yes! But it can be high maintenance so think hard before you press the “buy” button.

Sportsman Grade Turf

Sportsman is our “normal” turf. Its undeniably good quality. It doesn’t contain broadleaved weeds, is very freshly harvested and carefully handled. In fact it’s a good, honest turf that won’t let you down.

football on hard wearing sportsman turf

Is Sportsman Grade a premium turf?

Whilst Sportsman is a great turf that rarely gives our customers cause to grumble, I’m not sure it’s in the “exceptional product” category. However, it is very good value for money and with the right aftercare it can very quickly be turned into a first-rate lawn.

Would I buy Sportsman grade turf? Yes I would. For a back garden, a public green space or even a front garden I would happily use Sportsman.

Why buy from Stewarts Turf?

When you buy from Stewarts Turf, either online, over the phone or in person, you are buying from one of the oldest turf suppliers in Scotland.

Eleanor has worked here for over 20 years and understands every aspect of growing, transporting and laying turf. She can answer all of your questions and help you get the best possible deal on turf for your project. Dave has vast horticultural experience too and our delivery drivers are exceptionally helpful.

Either of them can help you find everything you need to make a high quality lawn from beautiful topsoil to premium turf.

Take a look at our testimonials page to see what other people are saying 

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