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What does turf cost?

What is the price of turf?

The price of turf varies according to the quality and whether or not you need it to be delivered to site.

Typically, the delivered price varies between £3.75 and £6.00 per square metre. The cheaper price tends to be for larger orders of a budget quality turf.

Example: cost family grade turf for an average sized garden in Edinburgh, Scotland

The cost of 100 m2 of Sportsman grade turf is £373.00 including VAT.  There is a moderate delivery surcharge to add on depending on whether you need a timed or a weekend delivery.

Sportsman is a hardwearing turf suitable for a family lawn or an amenity sports area.

Other turf grades were priced differently and please be aware that these prices were correct as of 9th April 2019 – if you’re reading this blogpost in the future – they may well have changed!

Which is the best turf for me?

There are lots of different types of turf.  For a family lawn or for amenity landscaping choose one that contains ryegrass (it's hardwearing) and then match the grade to your budget - it's always better to buy the best you can afford, there is a difference in quality.  The better it is, the easier it will be to work with.

How to calculating the price of turf

Take a look on the Stewarts Turf website

On the home page, you’ll see a box that says “how much turf do I need?”

Type your measurements into the “area” box, check that the unit of measurement (metres or yards) is correct and then press “next”.

If you’re not sure how to calculate the area, click on the button beside either “rectangle” or “circle” and you will be prompted to type in the measurements of your lawn.  The website will calculate the area for you.

The website will then show you which grades of turf are available and what the total cost will be for each grade.

Price your turf requirements online now

Contact the Stewarts Turf Team for prices and advice

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