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The Difference Between Seeding and Turfing a Lawn

Grass Seed or Turf?  Which Will You Choose?

Congratulations if you have made the decision to create a new lawn or even to refurbish an existing one.  There’s no better ground cover for a garden.  It’s cheap, it’s practical, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s safe.  Good choice.

making a new lawn from turf

Laying turf brings instant results with no worries about birds, cats or weeds.  A newly turfed lawn can be used within weeks.

Autumn is a great time of year for garden renovations and the weather conditions are perfect for creating new lawns.

The next decision is whether to use seed or turf.  The ground preparation is the same for both so what are differences in how the two different media will perform for you?

 The main differences between seeding and turfing





Less than £1 per square metre

£3 - £8 per square metre depending on turf quality and delivery costs

Time taken to establish into a usable lawn

6 – 12 months depending on time of year

3-6 weeks depending on time of year

Possible problems

Birds may eat seed

Drying out

May need weed control

Can be difficult to get even coverage

Should be sown in spring or autumn


Must not be allowed to dry out in the first few weeks

Must be laid immediately after delivery


Plus points

Less expensive

Wider range of grass mixtures to choose from

Can be stored and sown on a nice day

Much quicker results than seeding

Can be laid at any time of year

Should be no need for weed control (provided you choose your turf wisely)


Turf. Why pay more when seed is so cheap?

When buying turf, you are effectively buying the time and the expertise of the turf grower.  Experienced growers like Stewarts Turf have considerable expertise in choosing really good blends of grass species. They know where to buy the best possible quality seed to grow their products.  Then they spend at least 12 months nurturing the plants, controlling weeds and coping with the diseases that young plants are susceptible to. 

With turf you are also buying time for yourself, your lawn will look good from the very beginning. There is something quite satisfying about laying turf and then standing back to admire your work….just like the feeling you get when you re-decorate a room or bake an amazing cake from scratch. 

Grass Seed. Is it worth the wait?

handful of grass seed being sprinkled onto soil

Seeding a lawn will save money, but it will also require a bit more dedication.  When you start your lawn from seed you'll be kept busy for the first few weeks. 

  • Keeping an eye on weeds,
  • Scaring away hungry birds
  • Discouraging cats who want to dig in the fresh soil
  • Waiting for the sward to mature enough so that you can use the lawn

All of these jobs are time consuming, but in a strange sort of way, they're quite satisfying.   

When you buy a professional quality seed and are vigilant as it develops, you can be really proud of your achievement when the neighbours all admire your new lawn.

Need help?

If you want some help deciding between seed and turf, why not give Stewarts Turf a call and speak with either Eleanor or Dave?  Both have a wealth of experience and can tell you about prices and time scales.  They can even help you find a reputable landscaper if you want help to prepare the soil.

The office is open from 7am - 4pm on weekdays.  Call 0333 456 0019 or email Stewarts Turf if it's easier.

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