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Take a closer look at our product range

At Stewarts Turf we supply a lot more than just grass turf to Scotland’s gardeners and landscapers. In this blog we’re taking a close look at just some of the most popular items in our product range.

Grass Seed

Available in two pack sizes.

20Kg bags are ideal for large landscaping projects or for use on sports fields and golf courses. Choose from a hardwearing ryegrass mix or a fine turf mix. Other seedmixes are available – if you let us know what you’d like we’ll get back to you ASAP with a competitive quote.

grass seed held in the palm of a hand

Our small pack size is garden-sized. It will create a 30m2 lawn or can be used to overseed larger areas following scarification or topdressing. This is a mix of dwarf perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue, slender creeping red fescue and smooth stalked meadow grass. A very similar seedmix to our Emerald lawn turf which is grown for prestige and high quality family lawns.

Here's our guide to seeding a lawn

Lawn Feed

Seed and turf are only the beginning of a beautiful lawn. Just like us humans, nutrition plays a big part in the way your lawn looks and in its health and hardiness. A regular feeding regime is essential, especially in the Scottish climate where frequent rainfall can wash nutrients out of the soil. Our range of lawn feeds have been specially formulated to give your lawn the optimum balance of nutrients.

Turf Laying Boards

I can’t say it often enough. Turf laying boards will make the difference between a mediocre lawn and a stunning one. Particularly if you are turfing onto freshly rotavated soil. Use them when laying turf. The laying boards will spread your weight, preventing any little dips of compacted soil. They’re also great when you need a straight line to trim the edges of the lawn. Don’t forget to use them when watering newly installed turf.

turf laying boards in use

Use them for other jobs around the garden too – standing your stepladder on when you need to prune tall trees, kneeling on them to weed flower beds or making a firm pathway to push a wheelbarrow along. A good investment all round I’d say.

Chelwood Professional Landscaping Rakes

Almost every garden centre in Scotland sells standard sized garden rakes. The ones that you use for preparing seedbeds in the veg patch. When you have a large area to level out though, a small rake is of limited use. What you need is a wide rake. The kind that landscapers use to prepare ground for turfing or to spread mulch or gravel.

Stewarts Turf carry stocks of the renowned Chelwood rake in 3 different sizes. They are all available to order online.

View the range here

Lawn Topdressing

Some people prefer not to topdress their lawns, others say it does the world of good. I’m in the second category myself. Yes, it does involve a certain amount of exercise but it really does help the lawn recover quicker after aeration and scarification.

Available in small, easy to manage bags. If you need large quantities, please phone the office so that we can offer you a discounted full-pallet rate.

Soil and Mulch

There are a small selection of soils and mulches offered on our website. Those are just a taster of what’s on offer. Dave and Eleanor can offer free advice and source the best possible soil types (and prices) for your project.

Wildflower Turf

Soon to be appearing on our website, but happily available right now is Meadowmat wildflower turf. A fantastic way to establish wildflowers in your garden or in public areas.

meadowmat wildflower turf

This wildflower area was created using Traditional Meadowmat. It's laid just like lawn turf and establishes quickly. Install it before the end of march and you'll have a wildflower display like this one around June or July. The plants are perennial too - so it should keep flowering year after year


Lawn Turf

Last but absolutely not least. What else would you expect to buy from a Company with a name like Stewarts Turf? Beautiful, hardwearing lawn turf to make any garden look amazing. Check out our prices and order online.

lawn turf

Bowling Green Turf

This is a bit of a specialist product but well worth investigating if you have greenkeeping experience. Verdant greens turf gives stunning results but it does need more TLC than Emerald Turf.


For more information on our product range

We’re always happy to spend time chatting to people about our products. Whether you are just starting out and want to create a new lawn, or whether you are refurbishing a tired garden, we can help. Simply call our office between 8am and 4pm on a weekday or drop us an email with any questions you may have.

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