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Turf for Golf Courses

Turf for golf courses in Scotland

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Stewarts Turf Ltd supply turf for all manner of applications from back gardens to public parks and golf courses.

The three grades of turf available on our website are all quite different but they’re all versatile.

Turf for golf greens

Verdant Greens Turf is a fescue-bent seedmix and is grown on natural sands that are very close to USGA specification.

closely mown golf green

It is fine textured and tolerates close mowing extremely well.  However, like most greens turfs it does need careful and expert maintenance and is not for the faint hearted.  Frequent and regular mowing is essential.  All that mowing can stress the plants so feed every 4 – 6 weeks in spring and summer and watch carefully for signs of disease.

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Turf for Tees and Fairways

Emerald Lawn Turf has a prestige finish but is more durable than a greens turf.  That little bit of dwarf perennial ryegrass in the seed mix means it’s hard wearing but still has a velvety texture. 

golf ball being played on the fairway

This turf can be left to grow longer on fairways, saving you time and money in maintenance costs.

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Turf for revetments

Nobody needs to spend a lot of money on turf for revetments.  Our budget grade is Sportsman Turf.  It’s good enough to make a beautiful lawn if you want it to – and it’s economical enough for revetment work.

For trade prices on turf for revetments – talk to us

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Any of our turf grades can be (and frequently are) delivered to golf courses in Scotland at short notice.   Call us before 12 noon and your order can normally be with you the next working day…..always handy when you’re trying to juggle the demands and restrictions of golfers, tournaments and the Scottish weather.


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