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Turfing tools and where to find them

Turfing tools and where to find them

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Laying turf is a simple job but there are some tools out there that make it a whole lot simpler.

Let’s go through the process step by step and I’ll make a few suggestions for you:

1:  Remove old vegetation: 

A garden spade does this perfectly well in a smallish area but for larger lawns you might want to hire a turf cutter.   This is a powered machine with blades underneath it.  They slice off the top layer of vegetation and roots so that you can just roll it up and take it away.

turf cutting machine for use in garden

This machine is available to hire from HSS at around £75 per day (prices correct 16.6.16).  HSS have branches throughout Scotland so will probably have one near you.

2:  Dig over the area to a depth of at least 15cm. 

Again, a garden fork is perfectly adequate for this job – but a rotovator is much faster.

man rotovating in garden

Most hire shops have these available.  This one is from HSS at £50 per day

3: Rake the soil and remove debris: 

If you really want to cover a lot of ground in a short time, this Chelwood Rake is extra wide.  Which is why it’s favoured by professional landscapers

chelwood rake for levelleling soil before turfing


4: Level the soil: 

I love this lute for levelling soil.  It’s an unusual looking tool, I’ve never seen one in the garden centre.  And my-goodness it does a great job of what can be a frustratingly time-consuming task.

Levelawn tool for levelling soil before turfing

It’s great too when topdressing established lawns and for creating seedbeds in the vegetable patch.


5: Lay turf, using boards to distribute your weight:

This avoids having footprint sized dips in your carefully levelled soil.  I use mine all over the garden – for sowing seeds, for creating straight lines when I’m trimming the edges of the lawn and for crossing the muddy puddle at the entrance to the chicken-run.  Great value!

turf laying boards


5: Water well: 

I’m a fan of using a hosepipe with one of those spray attachments on it.  I don’t like sprinklers because I’m inclined to forget them and end up wasting water.  But that’s my personal preference.  You’ll find plenty of choices in your local DIY store.

Whilst you’re thinking about tools – don’t forget to equip yourself with the best lawnmower you can afford – you’ll be needing it sooner than you think!


How to lay turf – step by step guide on preparing the ground and laying new turf










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