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Help With Turfing and Lawn Care

Useful Articles About Turfing and Lawncare

Over the years, Stewarts Turf has learned a lot about turfing and lawncare and we’d like to share some of that knowledge with you.

Every week, a new blogpost is published on our website.  Sometimes it’s us showing off a project where a customer has done something unusual or amazing with our products.  From time to time we’ll showcase a new product.  Mostly though, we try to answer your questions about turfing and lawn care.

Here’s a selection of blogs that you might find useful.  To read the article, simply click on the link.

Oh – and if you’ve any suggestions for new blog posts, please email Sales Manager Chris Carr who will make the necessary arrangements.

Choosing Turf

family lawn

Who is your new lawn for and how will it be used?  These are just two of the questions to ask yourself before you decide which type of turf to buy.

Types of turf – which one is best for your project and your budget

Dog resistant turf – read this if you have pets

Price of turf – vital information for any gardener

Laying Turf

preparing soil for turf laying

Having a good quality topsoil and preparing it properly are vital if your new lawn is to establish well and thrive.

Turf laying tips – learning from the professionals

How to store turf – just in case you’re not quite ready to lay the turf by the time it arrives.

The best time of year to lay turf – making life easy for yourself by working with nature, not against her.

Do I need pre-turfing feed?  Can I save money by not adding fertiliser?

How to prepare the soil for turfing.

How to lay turf – watch this Youtube video from our sister-company in England

Common Lawn Problems

toadstools in turf

Living things are full of surprises and your lawn is no exception.  Regular maintenance reduces the risk of problems occuring but when a lawn is still settling into it's new garden, it's wise to be vigilant - and patient.

Mushrooms and toadstools – these often pop up in new lawns.  What to do if you spot any in your lawn.

Yellowing turf – what to do if your new turf seems a bit off-colour

Controlling moss in your lawn

Alternative lawns

sedum matting alternative lawn

Who says a lawn needs to be pure grass?  This is Enviromat sedum matting.  Not everso hardwearing but a lawn made with this won't need to be mown.  Wild flowers are another idea for low maintenance lawns - and they're great for wildlife.

How to lay wild flower turf.  A super alternative to plain grass, easy to manage and really attractive to butterflies, bees and a host of other wee beasties.

What would YOU like to know more about?

Email your suggestions for blog posts to Chris Carr or telephone us on 0333 456 0019


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