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Vivid Green Spring Lawn Feed

For Good looking Gardens, Feed Your Lawn This Spring

Here at Stewarts Turf we realise that now spring is just right around the corner and you want your garden looking the best as it can be. To do this we recommend our  Vivid Green -Spring/Summer lawn fertiliser. This is our best fertiliser for the season.

To get the best results it should first be used in March/April and then a second time in April/May time to make your lawn look healthy and green.

beautiful striped lawn

For the best results we recommend to use a spreader with an adjustable application rate.

Why use Vivid Green Lawn Feed?

Now, you may be asking “what's so good about this lawn fertiliser?” and “what makes them better than the others on the market?” We put nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium into our fertilisers to make it all work and here's why:

Nitrogen - This is to promote the growth of the leaves, giving them a lush and green appearance.

Phosphorus - We use this to help and maintain the grass roots to be strong and healthy.

Potassium - This is a mineral and helps strong stem growth. This is also put into the fertiliser to help your lawn fight disease and increase its water absorption.

Vivid Green is Not Just For Lawns

Our feed is also recommended to use on all plants, it will help grow better yields from vegetables and fruits and it will also encourage colourful and beautiful displays for your garden or otherwise, and will ensure your hedges and shrubs are stronger than ever. You can also use our fertiliser on planters and hanging baskets too for colourful and vibrant results. This should all be applied at the recommended rate below and watered well afterwards.

beautiful lawn and garden

User-Friendly Packaging For Less Waste

We also only ever sell our lawn fertiliser in plastic waterproof packaging so you don't have to be worried about needing to use a whole pack in one go. If your fertiliser packaging isn't a waterproof material and it rains it can turn into a waste as it will turn into a solid unusable lump. With our fertilisers you can be assured that this will not happen as it is in a plastic waterproof container that has its own lid to preserve the product for long lasting use. 

vivid greeen lawn feed packaging

How Much Vivid Green Will You Need?

Each of our Vivid Green - Spring/Summer feed tubs are 2kg and will cover 100 square metres and will last 3 months all for the small price of £14.40. We recommend that the best time to use the feed is when rain is forecast (this is so it can soak in the nutrients for the best results) and to spread it as evenly as possible at a rate of 20g per square metre. We also suggest you avoid using or mowing the lawn for three days after treatment so it issei's not tampered with.

 Where to Buy Spring Lawn Feed

If you are interested in our Vivid green - spring/summer feed please make sure to click the link below for more information or to make a purchase.

Order Vivid Green Online

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