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Where to buy general purpose turf

Where to buy good honest garden turf

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There are so many types of turf on the market that the choice can be confusing.

a family lawn where play is the order of the day

A family lawn where play is the order of the day.  Nobody minds that it's not maintained to bowling green standard.


What if you just want a bit of grass for the children and the dogs to play on? 

Which turf is best and where can you buy it?

Finding tough turf with no frills attached

Ideally, you need a turf that has a mixture of ryegrass, smooth stalked meadow grass and fescue grasses in the seed mix.

Those three grasses combined give you turf that is hard wearing, good looking and able recover quickly from the ravages of dogs and sprogs.  It’s also really easy to look after.

Any decent turf supplier will be able to tell you what grasses are in their product.  If the information isn’t on their website, you should be able to get an answer over the phone.

Sensible prices

Don’t be fooled by really cheap turf – it might not be as much of a bargain as you think!  On the other hand, if it seems really expensive, it may well be a specialist turf meant for golf courses or bowling greens.

Get the best you can afford but don’t get ripped off!

The exception is shade tolerant turf.  It does cost more than “normal” turf, that’s because the seed is expensive.  If you have a shady garden, “normal” turf will work out to be more expensive in the long run, because it won’t grow!

Where to buy turf

Buying online and having your turf delivered means that you can compare and contrast products from different companies without leaving your living room.  

Home delivery will save you A LOT of messing around and it won’t make the inside of your car look like a mud pie.

If you only need a few rolls, it’s well worth checking out your local B&Q store.  Delivery on very small quantities isn’t everso cost effective.

B&Q turf meets all of the criteria we’ve talked about – the right mix of grasses and a sensible price.

If you’re off to B&Q, phone first to find out what day their turf is delivered and go then – turf is very perishable, especially in warm weather and the last thing you want to do is buy old turves that don’t look nice or grow properly.

If you’re ordering online (or on the phone) the turf that Stewarts Turf call “Sportsman” is a general purpose turf that’s robust enough for most gardening and landscaping projects.   If you’re looking for a finer finish, then “Emerald” turf will create a classic lawn that’s still hardwearing.


Get a turf quote online


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