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Stewarts Turf Learn More About Wild Flowers and Green Roofing

Stewarts Turf in Scotland are part of a larger Company, Harrowden Turf Ltd.  Harrowden Turf Ltd are Europe’s largest turf producer.  But did you know that they also grow Enviromat sedum matting and Meadowmat wild flower turf?

Eleanor, John and Bill from Stewarts Turf Edinburgh recently attended a training course about Enviromat and Meadowmat so that they can offer these products to customers in Scotland.

What is Enviromat Sedum Matting?

Enviromat is a fabulous low maintenance ground cover material that can also be used to make a sedum green roof.

Arbroath Abbey Visitor Centre with sedum roof

The visitor centre at Arbroath Abbey boasts a sedum green roof.  This one was installed by Bauder, the UK's leading green roof provider.

Seven species of hardy succulent plants are grown onto a matting system.  All you need to do is unroll it on to a prepared surface, water it in and enjoy the instant greenery.

Visitors to Stewarts Turf depot in Edinburgh are greeted by a display shed with an Enviromat sedum green roof.

What is Meadowmat wild flower turf?

There is a trend throughout Scotland to take more care of our pollinating insects by planting wild flowers.  Wildflowers not only offer pollen and nectar to bees butterflies hoverflies and moths, they provide food for caterpillars and lavae.  They also offer shelter to a wealth of wee beasties.  This is turn helps the birds and amphibians that eat wee beasties.

Meadowmat is a quick and easy way of getting wild flowers to grow.  Like Enviromat, it’s grown on a matting system so that you can unroll it for instant impact.

meadowmat wild flower turf

Meadowmat is a great way to bring biodiversity into a garden without increasing the workload.

The soil preparation and the installation of Meadowmat are just the same as they are for lawn turf.  Except that Meadowmat prefers low fertility soil.

Managing Meadowmat requires little more than an annual haircut.  It couldn’t be easier.

Where to find more information

Eleanor and John have plenty of brochures in their office.  Simply give them a ring, and they’ll either pop one in the post for you – or they’ll email you a pdf copy.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like.

You can also visit the product websites at




How to place an order

You can order online via the product websites or over the telephone, whichever you prefer.

In the next few weeks, Meadowmat and Enviromat will become available on the Stewarts Turf website.

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