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How To Lay Turf in Winter

How to lay turf in a Scottish winter

Laying turf is a dirty job at any time of year.  Surely you’d be off your head to even think about laying turf in winter in Scotland?

Not necessarily.  Today (25th January) in Dundee it’s 9 degrees and partly sunny.  The forecast for the week ahead is much the same.  By my token, provided you can prepare the soil, the weather’s OK for laying turf.


Good reasons to lay turf in winter

  1. Turf can sit on the pallet for longer and still stay in good condition.  In hot weather you literally have hours to lay your turf before it starts to cook.  In cool weather you can work at a more leisurely pace
  2. Turf will be settled by spring.  Come spring time you’ll have a dozen other things to be doing.  Get the turfing out of the way and you can concentrate on growing those flowers and veggies.
  3. You’ll not need to get the hosepipe out as much.   Summer turf needs a lot of watering to help it establish.  Winter turf will need watering – but not nearly so much.
  4. It’s good for you.  Sitting indoors with the heating on is nowhere near as healthy as getting outdoors for a workout.  Preparing soil and laying turf will definitely get your blood circulating….and it will help work off that post-Christmas weight.

Things to watch out for

  1. Drainage.  Don’t go floating your new turf on a sea of mud.  The soil needs to be damp but crumbly.  Laying turf onto sludge won’t get the best results.
  2. Soil compaction;  more than at any other time of year, it’s important to work from laying boards to avoid leaving dents and dints in you new lawn
  3. Lawn feed.  Avoid feeding your new lawn before March.  You could end up with lush growth that’s susceptible to disease.  It’s not like me to tell you not to spend money but if you’re laying turf in January or February you can go easy with the pre-turfing fertiliser (unless the soil is very poor indeed)

Where to buy turf in Scotland

Stewarts Turf is based in Edinburgh and delivers turf to almost all of Scotland, almost all year round.  The only thing that might delay your delivery is very heavy rain on our growing fields or a frost so sharp it prevents harvesting.

You can order online or call us on 0333 456 0019. 

Turf can be delivered to your door, or, if you prefer, you can collect from our depot on Ingliston Road


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