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What Is The Latest That I Can Lay Turf

Latest Time To Lay Turf

So many major gardening jobs are best done at the right time of year.   Bare root trees and hedges must be planted between November and February.  Spring flowering bulbs are planted in autumn, vegetable seeds are sown in spring.  But what about turf?  Is there a right or wrong time and when is the latest time to lay turf?

green lawn with a dusting of snow

Can you lay turf in winter?

Yes you can.  At Stewartsturf we would advise against laying turf onto frozen ground but other than that, provided you can prepare the soil properly it’s possible to lay turf all year round.

Does turf need to be laid before Christmas?

Not necessarily.  Although a lot of our customers use Christmas as a deadline.  If you’re having friends and family round for Hogmanay  it’s nice to have a perfect lawn for them to look out on.   A new lawn is also great for showing off all of those seasonal outdoor decorations.

In Scotland, the weather in January and February is not always great.  That makes it difficult to plan gardening projects for the first two months of the year.

Is turf available to buy in winter time?

Stewarts Turf shuts over the Christmas period but is open for the rest of the year.  If the weather is kind enough to let us harvest our turf, we will supply it.

What if my turf is delivered and it snows before I can lay it?

Don’t worry, when the weather is cold, turf can stay rolled up for days.  Try to lay it as soon as the frost lifts enough for you to get onto the garden.

Do I need to apply pre-turfing fertiliser in winter?

Pre-turfing fertiliser is important whatever time of year you are laying turf.  It provides the nutrients that are essential for root growth and establishment.  In winter when the soil is not all that warm and the days are short, grass plants need all the help they can get.

How to lay turf in winter

Follow our simple step by step turf laying guide – and don’t forget to use turf laying boards – they’re more important than ever at this time of year.

Watering new turf in winter

Your new turf will need to be watered as soon as it’s laid just to help it settle.  Keep an eye on it for the first few weeks.  Don’t let it dry out – but be careful not to over-water it.  If the ground is frozen or if there is snow laying on the lawn.  Leave well alone.  It won’t need watering until the weather improves a bit.

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