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What to do if turf looks yellow

What to do if your new turf looks yellow

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There are two main reason why new turf might have a slight yellow tinge to it

  1. The weather is very warm and the plants have got stressed whilst in the roll
  2. The turf is not as fresh as it could be

Yellow turf is rarely a problem in the cooler months of the year.  From November – March its virtually unheard of unless the turf has been rolled up for more than two or three days.

three rolls of turf showing deterioration over time

This picture shows how turf colour changes over 3 days.  This was taken in late spring - in warmer weather the quality will deteriorate much quicker than this.

In spring, summer and autumn the shelf life is much shorter.  Which is why turf suppliers urge their customers to lay turf as soon as it arrives.

When your turf is delivered, you MUST unroll it immediately, especially in the summer time or if the weather is particularly mild.


If your turf seems discoloured

Telephone the supplier IMMEDIATELY.  Have the order number ready so that the delivery can be traced and the problem noted.  Take photographs and email them to the supplier.  A reputable supplier will be sympathetic and helpful.

Remember thought, if your turf has been with you for more than a day and you’ve still not laid it, the supplier cannot be held responsible for its condition.  However, most are happy to offer advice.

Lay your turf straight away.  If the ground hasn’t been prepared yet, unroll it so that the plants can see daylight and get some fresh air.  You can move it later on.

As soon as turfs are unrolled, water them thoroughly.

watering turf

It is essential to water newly laid turf until it roots into your soil

In most cases, the grass will recover quickly and you’ll have a lovely lawn within weeks.

Water daily and take pictures a couple of times a week so that you can record the progress.  Sometimes it’s difficult to see changes when you look at something too often.

How to stop turf going yellow

  1. Buy from a reputable supplier
  2. Have the ground prepared before turf arrives so that you can lay it immediately
  3. Store rolled turf out of the sun in a very well ventilated place. 
  4. Never water turf that is still rolled up
  5. Never cover up rolled turf
  6. Re-stack turf in small piles with plenty of space between each pile
  7. Don’t delay – lay turf as soon as you get it
  8. Water newly laid turf thoroughly every day until it is established.


Hot weather reduces turf shelf life dramatically


 Preparing the ground for new turf


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