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  1. Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)


    Harrowden Vivid Green - Spring /Summer fertiliser is formulated with high levels of Nitrogen and key nutrients to maintain root and shoot growth for a thicker, greener lawn during this key growth period.

  2. Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)


    Harrowden Rejuvenator Autumn / Winter fertiliser is a balanced feed, rich in Potassium, helping maintain turf health and colour throughout the winter and conditioned for spring growth.

  3. Rapid Roots - Pre-Seeding/Turfing Feed (2kg)


    Harrowden Rapid Roots Pre-turfing fertiliser is a slow release organic lawn feed formulated to encourage root growth and stimulate soil bacteria to improve the establishment of new lawns.

  4. Evolution Autumn/Winter Fertiliser 4-12-12

    Evolution2 4.12.12 is a high phosphate and potash fertiliser that stimulates deep root growth, helping the grass to cope with extra wear from winter games.
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  5. Evolution Spring/Summer 14-4-8+2Fe

    Perfect for large lawns and landscaped areas. Applied during Spring and Summer.
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